On Page Optimization Factors:

We have 6 factors 1.URL: Include the Focus keyword on URL(whatever the focus keyword we are going to slecet that keyword we are mentioned inURL compulsory) 2.Meta Tittle: A tittle can be atleast 60-65 charcters and we need to include focus keyword is mandatory and that keyword keep it beginning of the sentance is mandatory […]


It Is a Methdology Of strategies, techniques and tatics used to increase the amount of visitors to a wedsite by obtaining a high ranking placement in search results page of a search engine.including GOOGLE,BING,YAHOO and other search engines. Optimization: Changing the same thing to Make it better. SEO PROCESS: we have seven steps : 1.Website […]

Difference between a Review and a Testimonial

On the other hand, a review can go either way. It can beautifully describe a product but at the same time, another customer could write a scathing review and take away the impact left by say, five good reviews.